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Welcome to Bobspicklepops The original pickle juice ice pop.

Welcome to Bobspicklepops The original pickle juice ice pop.Welcome to Bobspicklepops The original pickle juice ice pop.

Where Do I Get Them? is selling the original flavor nation wide for a price we cannot beat.  Free shipping to ALL Walmart stores near you! Orders over $35 include free shipping as well To your home. Click on the link below to order our original pops. They are available on other online sites and Amazon as well through Texas Food. HEB is selling them in stores and will be selling Online soon. Click on the HEB link above for more information.

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The Original Pickle Pop

Are you a closet pickle juice drinker?  Do you enjoy dill pickles with a sandwich? If so, you have heard  about this wildly successful product – Bob’s Pickle Pops. At first, we would admit, it seemed like a  crazy idea – so did a lot of other people, including the media. But  now, a article declares that we originated this new food  trend in 2008, and Walmart agrees. We are now in 1,800 of their stores.


Are You A Competitive Athlete?

It has come to our attention that pickle juice has so many benefits for athletes. If you are an athlete wanting to be the best you can be try our muscle enhancing pickle juice. you wont be disappointed. We also sell our pickle juice in 200ml bottles at HEB stores in Texas.

Athletic Reviews

Dee Folse

Michael Kavanaugh

Michael Kavanaugh

 Dee Folse a competitive cyclist in California  was admitted to ER then hospitalized for extreme severe dehydration.   He said: “When your that severely dehydrated, your body organs shuts  down to protect the heart and brain.” Dee was lucky, testing showed he  had no long term damage to his liver and kidneys. Dee discovered our  pops on a long distance competitive ride from Austin to Houston in the  hot sun.   Dee also said: “Bobs Pickle Pops have saved his life and they have some  magic in them.”  He never rides without them and drinks one per hour  while riding to stay hydrated. He also says that his water consumption  is cut in half. ” - Dee Folse 2017 

Michael Kavanaugh

Michael Kavanaugh

Michael Kavanaugh

 Pickle juice cramps, does pickle juice help cramps, pickle juice for leg cramps.  "Bit late but wanted to thank all the support  from X-Fusion Shox, Bob's Pickle Pops, and Stikrd for their support  helping me race to raise awareness for rescue critters this last weekend  at the Fools Gold 50. Though finished 20th, happy as can be racing  against some big dogs in the field at one of the hardest courses in the  Southeast. Was able to shave over 17mins off my last years time to  finish at 5hrs 14mins.   As the year comes to an end want to thank Bob's Pickle Pops for helping  me smash some personal bests in races, stand on the podium, getting me  through a couple 300+ mile road and MTB races when my muscles were  saying "NO!" and even pulled me through the Yellowstone Half Marathon.  Bob's Pickle Pops have definitely been a game changer for me and our  team racing to raise awareness for rescue animals and wish y'all great  success. #rescueracing. ” - Michael Kavanaugh