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Welcome to Bobspicklepops The original pickle juice ice pop.

Introducing our line of premium pickle brine. A delicious variety of blends for the world to fall in love with.     


 Amanda Freitag of the Food TV Network  really likes the taste of the pickle juice in our Bob’s Pickle Pops.  Bartenders are mixing pickle juice into Bloody Marys, martinis, and who  knows what other luscious concoctions. Being creative souls, we wanted  to take pickle juice to the next level. We’re creating a craving people  don’t even know they have.


Brace Yourself: Is the Pickle and Booze Fad Headed Our Way?

 In 2010, we heard that Justin  Timberlake had ordered a drink called a “pickle back” in a NYC bar and  had even tipped the server $100 for cheerfully trekking to a nearby  store to get the pickle brine to make it. This gave us an idea. We make  pickle brine, why not capitalize on it? Our CEO, Dave, went to an Irish bar in  Laguna Beach, California, with a bottle of our juice, and took a picture  of it alongside a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey and two shot glasses.  We then tweeted the picture every time someone mentioned Justin  Timberlake ordering a pickle back. It went viral. The social media  marketing was a hit! Before long, it caught the attention of Jameson,  who called us to find out about our juice. That was a good day.      

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  The Risky Business Of A Cocktail Trend Setter     


 Are you a closet pickle juice drinker?  Do you enjoy dill pickles with a sandwich? If so, you may have heard  about our first wildly successful product – Bob’s Pickle Pops. At first, we would admit, it seemed like a  crazy idea – so did a lot of other people, including the media. But  now, a article declares that we originated this new food  trend in 2008, and Walmart agrees. We are now in 1,800 of their stores.

We have got your back!

Original Dill Pickle Back

Premium Pickle Juice

The original pickleback shot juice

Jalapeno Dill Pickle Back

Jalapeno Pickle Juice

Imagine Jalapeno pickle juice in a bloody mary

Olive Dill Pickle Back

Olive Pickle Juice

What do you think of Olive pickle juice in a pickletini?

Cactus Dill Pickle Back

Cactus Pickle Juice

What do you think of Cactus pickle juice  in a margarita?

Samples Available to try

While we are not in production, the Jalapeno, Olive and Cactus, you can order samples of our juice for free. Just pay shipping and handling.  There are others selling our original liter dill pickle juice online as well. 877-245-6682

Our original pickle juice is available in 1 Liter bottles on Amazon Choice


On April 25, 2017, our founder David Millar was featured on the BBQ Central Show, interviewed by Greg Rempe from David and Greg go over some of the reasons why pickle brine might  just be the perfect secret ingredient to put some kick into your  barbecue.